Welcome to Meaningful Miles!
Flying Business Class for work is great. It's spacious, comfortable and the food is nice. But, Meaningful Miles can make it even better...

Small compromise, big impact
The price difference between a Business and an Economy class airplane seat is substantial. It can easily amount to several thousands of euros for a standard intercontinental flight. If this money was spent on a good cause, instead of the extras of a Business class seat, a very significant positive impact can be made. For example, a Cambodian child can enjoy 2 years of education for the ticket cost price difference of just 1 standard intercontinental return flight. 

Downgrade your seat, upgrade our world
This is where Meaningful Miles comes in. We provide a platform and a method that allows you to donate the cost price difference between the Business and the Economy class seat to a variety of charities within the fields of child education, animal welfare & protection, and environment.


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