The world is an ingenious biological equilibrium of species, of which animal species form an important and fascinating part. Thanks to our brainpower, we humans are the most dominant species of all. Besides a comfortable position in the biological chain, this dominance lays huge responsibility upon us. The responsibility to treat animals and environment with dignity and make sure they will survive. This for our sake at least as much as for theirs. We will not survive without our fellow inhabitants of this world. They are the source of most of our food, and an important part of the ecosystem that we live in. We must respect them and treat them with dignity.

The harsh reality is that we don't take enough responsibility. Too many animals are under human imposed pressure of maltreatment, or extinction, or both. The following charities fight for the fate of these animals, and we hope to give them big support with your donations!



Animals Asia Foundation
This Hong Kong based NGO fights to stop captivity of and cruel acts against animals in Asia. The horrific practice of bear bile farming is most eye catching. Endangered species Asian black bears (also known as Moon bears) are held in captivity in tiny cages, while their belly is permanently penetrated with a steel tube, to extract bile from their gallbladder on a regular basis. The bile is used for production of traditional Chinese medicine, for which there are perfect synthetic substitutes available. The cages are so small and the animals are so sick and hurt, that they can hardly move. This is their life long horrific fate, sometimes for decades. Animals Asia fights this unacceptable cruelty against a beautiful, yet endangered animal species.


 International Anti Poaching Foundation (IAPF)
African rhinos and elephants are under serious threat of extinction. Every 15 minutes, an elephant or rhino is killed for the ivory of its tusk or horn. The International Anti Poaching Foundation fights for protection and conservation of these precious animals, through direct and indirect anti-poaching activities, such as anti-poaching ranger training & field operations, conservation planning, wildlife crime information systems, local community engagement and education. The IAPF is mainly active in the Southeastern part of Africa. Ever since incorporation in 2009, the organization is led by its committed founder, Australian Damien Mander.


Australian Marine Conservation Society
The oceans around Australia are among the richest, most diverse marine wildlife areas in the world. These unique oceans and their vulnerable wildlife face many threats, such as whaling, shark fining and animal by catch from unsustainable fishing practices. Since 1965, the Australian Marine Conservation Society is Australia’s leading non-profit marine wildlife protection organization. Among other achievements, the have played a significant role in the creation of important marine wildlife sanctuaries along Australia’s pristine coasts.