The environment is everything around us. It is the house that we live in, and we need it to breath, eat and drink. Without a clean environment we will not be comfortable and we will not survive. Therefore, we have to protect it and keep it clean.

Although this awareness is definitely on the rise, there is still a lot to improve. Air pollution, deforestation and huge quantities of plastic waste in seas and forests are just three examples of environmental threats we are facing nowadays.

The following charities are fighting to protect our environment, for which they certainly deserve our and your support!



Plant for the Planet
Plant for the Planet is an educational organization for and by children from all over the world, aimed at increasing environmental awareness and responsible citizenship. It is famous for its numerous tree planting sessions, which are of symbolic as well as practical value in the fight to protect our environment. The movement started in Germany in 2007, when a 9 year old boy Felix Finkbeiner held a presentation for his classmates about the issue of climate change, and proposed that the children of the world should plant 1 million trees in every country on earth. This idea soon developed into the Plant for the Planet foundation that it is today. The organization is growing quickly: Over 14 billion trees have been planted already and more than 34,000 children worldwide are active as Climate Justice Ambassadors. www.plant-for-the-planet.org

The Ocean Cleanup
Our oceans are polluted with huge amounts of floating plastic waste. Due to converging ocean currents, much of this waste concentrates in so called gyres -also infamously known as 'plastic soups'- , of which every ocean has at least one. The Ocean Cleanup is a Netherlands based NGO, incorporated in 2013 as a spinoff from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. The Ocean Cleanup has designed a unique system to collect millions tons of the plastic waste in the oceans. Pilot projects are currently underway, and within a couple of years the largest ocean cleanup campaign in history should be in full swing. www.theoceancleanup.com

World Land Trust
It is widely known that rainforests around the globe are under constant threat of loggers, miners or ranchers. UK based World Land Trust protects these pristine forests, through land purchases for habitat protection in the rainforests of Latin America, Africa and South East Asia. Co-operation with local communities and organizations ensures that the land purchases are legally valid and have local support. The purchased lands are managed and protected by local communities, also creating employment. As a result of its great work, World Land Trust has already saved half a million football fields of rainforests since its incorporation in 1989. World famous biologist and nature documentary maker Sir David Attenborough is World Land Trust's patron. www.worldlandtrust.org