Governance and integrity are important topics for the charity sector. Regrettably, there have been cases where charitable foundations used donated money for all too high management salary, high expenses declaration, or otherwise unnecessary overhead.

People and organizations want to know that their donated money is used for the benefit of the charity’s good cause, and not for the benefit of the charity’s management.

For the sake of optimal financial transparency, Meaningful Miles does not interfere with the actual donation cashflow from donator to charity. As a result, Meaningful Miles hardly has any cashflow. And we don't need to; We are fully volunteer run. This is not just our philosophy and policy, it is determined so in the articles of incorporation (only available in Dutch). As much as possible, we try to get the support services which we need to run our organization for free, as sponsorship/support from third parties. The limited fundraise costs and administrative expenses that we do have, are borne by our founder.

All relevant and mandatory reports and statements are available at our website, under heading reports and statements.

Finally, we commit to full financial transparency. That is, all donators of the Meaningful Miles program can have an insight into our financial accounts at all times, including monthly bank statements of the two bank accounts (Triodos bank) that we have; a current account and a savings account.

Regarding the 9 preselected charities of our donation program, before selection we have run them through this integrity checklist.