The Meaningful Miles charity sponsorship and flight donation program is open for all organizations and all people that buy and fly Business class airplane tickets every now and then. Sometimes people fly for their own account, and sometimes they fly for the account of an organization that purchases the ticket for them, usually a company. If the flight is for own account, the donator simply fills out the flight donation form, and subsequently transfers the cost price difference, according to this calculation.

If the traveller flies for account of an organization, the flight donation comes from the traveller, however the actual financial sponsorship comes from the organization. For this reason, the organization first has to register as a sponsor, before its employees can start donating flights. After registration, all employees are informed and invited to donate their flight, whenever they can and want. They can do it as often as they want, that is left to the good will of the traveler.


Below you will find the logos with weblink of the Meaningful Miles' supporting and sponsoring organizations, for which we thank them dearly !