Once a traveler offers a flight for donation, Meaningful Miles sends an invoice to the sponsoring organization for the cost price difference between an Economy ticket and a Business ticket on the flight that is offered for donation. The money raised in this way is donated onwards to the charity causes as indicated by the traveler. Now, one important aspect is to determine what exactly is the cost price difference. Every flight route has its own ticket prices, and these are always different, depending on factors like advance time of booking and season of the year.

The following system is used in order to keep things simple: We have taken a sample of 100 return flights, for a variety of routes and a variety of flight dates. For every single flight, we checked the price of an Economy class seat and the price of a Business class seat. This gives a sample of 100 cost price differences. Herewith, we determine the average price difference of all the 100 return flights in the sample. According to this method, a Business class ticket costs on average almost 3.5 times as much as an Economy class ticket. See this document for the complete sample and the calculation of the average cost price difference.

For the sake of ease, and to make the Meaningful Miles program more attractive for organizations to sponsor, we round this cost price difference off downwards, to factor 3. That is, we assume that a Business class ticket will cost €1500, if an Economy class ticket on the same flight costs €500.

Now, let's say you want to donate a flight on which you would normally fly Business class. You let us know by completing the flight donation form. Instead of buying the usual Business ticket, your employer buys an Economy ticket for you. This Economy ticket will have a certain cost price, for example €649. Then Meaningful Miles will send a sponsorship invoice to your employer for the value of (3 x €649) minus €649 = €1298. After receiving the money, Meaningful Miles will donate the amount onwards to the charities of your own choice, as selected by you on the flight donation form.