Each child deserves a good education, a carefree and joyful childhood, and a fair chance for self-development. That is a basic value which doesn’t need explanation. This is for the primary benefit of the child, but it is also for the general benefit; Education makes people more responsible and caring towards others, animals and the environment. 

Find below three charities that do fantastic work to give children in need a real chance in life.


Weeshuis Sri Lanka
Weeshuis Sri Lanka -also known as Somawathi Holland House of Hope- provides shelter, education and care to underprivileged children in the town of Habaraduwa, Southern Sri Lanka. Besides a children’s orphanage, the Somawathi House is also a community center. Actually, Somawathi can also be described as a Village of Hope, because since foundation in 2004, the project has grown to a small settlement on 40,000 m2 of land, with school buildings, a medical post, a sports field, living facilities, utilities et cetera. Even children who don’t live inside Somawathi get access to free education, and the medical post is also accessible for people from around the area. The children stay until the age of 18, which gives them an upbringing with hope for a bright future, and respect for local values, culture and nature. Dutch Ms Marja van Leeuwen was inspired to start Somawathi after she first visited the area only to bring medicine, right after the devastating tsunami of December 2004.

Estrela da Favela
Estrela da Favela provides education and sports facilities for underprivileged children in the violent slums -the so called 'favelas'- of Rio de Janeiro. These areas have been neglected by the authorities -including the police- since the 1980's and as a result, organized crime is fully in charge. Due to this lawless situation, basic public services such as hospitals and schools are not in place, or very poorly organized. Children don't have the possibility to learn and have fun, and without any hope for a better life, they themselves end up in organized crime and prostitution when they grow up. Estrela da Favela breaks this vicious cycle, by organizing education and sports activities for the children of the favelas. The NGO is incorporated in 2012 and based in the Netherlands, and it is run by a combination of Brazilian and Dutch people.

Wings of Support 
This Netherlands based foundation supports education, shelter and medical care projects for children in developing countries around the world. It was founded in 1998, as a private initiative by the staff of Dutch airline KLM. They realized that they could spend their spare time abroad in between flights in a righteous way, by helping local children in need. As a result of the travelling nature of their job, they are able to run their charity in a hands on manner, and execute the projects in the most personal way, by being and working there themselves. Due to the fact that the staff combine their travelling job with this charity work, and KLM happily sponsors this initiative, Wings of Support has little overhead cost and thus an extraordinarily high efficiency rate; In 2018, 98% of the donation revenues was actually spent on the projects themselves.