The environment is everything around us. It is the house that we live in, and we need it to breath, eat and drink. Without a clean environment we will not be comfortable and we will not survive. Therefore, we have to protect it and keep it clean.

Although this awareness is definitely on the rise, there is still a lot to improve. Air pollution, deforestation and huge quantities of plastic waste in seas and forests are just three examples of environmental threats we are facing nowadays.

The following charities are fighting to protect our environment, for which they certainly deserve our and your support!



The Ocean Cleanup
Our oceans are polluted with huge amounts of floating plastic waste. Due to converging ocean currents, much of this waste concentrates in so called gyres -also infamously known as 'plastic soups'- , of which every ocean has at least one. The Ocean Cleanup is a Netherlands based NGO, incorporated in 2013 as a spinoff from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. The Ocean Cleanup has designed a unique system to collect millions tons of the plastic waste in the oceans. Pilot projects are currently underway, and within a couple of years the largest ocean cleanup campaign in history should be in full swing. www.theoceancleanup.com

Trees for All   
Worldwide forest protection and reforestation is the mission of this Dutch foundation. Since incorporation in 1999, they have grown to become the most experienced reforestation organisation of The Netherlands. Through their CO2 compensation program, they offer companies and individuals an easy way to plant new trees, both in the Netherlands and in other countries. Another important focus is awareness creation for the importance of forest protection and reforestation. Every year, 10 billion trees are cut down around the globe. Fresh air is one of the sources of life. Fresh air comes from trees. By cutting so many trees, we are gradually breaking down our own livelihood. Besides that, trees and forests have a soothing effect on people and animals. For all these reasons, it is absolutely indispensible that organizations like Trees for All exist, and are supported as much as possible. www.treesforall.nl/en



Sea Shepherd 
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society aims to protect the world’s marine ecosystems, starting with marine life. The organization is mainly known for its direct action campaigns; its 5 vessel fleet fighting at the high seas, to stop whale / seal / shark hunts, illegal fishing activities and marine pollution. The organization was founded in 1977 by Canadian Captain Paul Watson, and has since then grown into an international movement, with national and regional entities in over 20 countries. Throughout the years, the lives of thousands of marine mammals have been saved thanks to the courageaous interventions of Sea Shepherd’s people. Mr Watson, who still leads the organisation, says it best himself: “Unless we stop the degradation of our oceans, marine ecological systems will begin collapsing and when enough of them fail, the oceans will die. And if the oceans die, then civilization collapses and we all die.” No further explanation is needed why Sea Shepherd deserves our and everyone’s unconditional support. www.seashepherdglobal.org