The Meaningful Miles team consists of:

Mr Lodewijk Wesselink (1982) - Chairman & Founder
Mr Paul van Helden (1979) - Treasury
Mr Maarten van den Berg (1984) - Secretary

They run the foundation for free. In daily life, Paul and Maarten both work as doctors and Lodewijk works in the maritime industry. They live in Amsterdam and became friends there in the early 2000's, during their university years. They are grateful for the luck they have, to be born in freedom and peace and with many opportunities within reach. It is their belief that all privileged people should share some of their time and resources, for the sake of a better world. By starting and leading Meaningful Miles, they hope to make a real difference, and to set an example.

Below listed companies have assisted us in the startup phase and/or are still assisting us.

Decorsign Websolutions - ICT

De Roos Advocatuur - Legal

Stibbe - Notary public

We dearly thank these companies for having the faith to sponsor Meaningful Miles from the very beginning. In order to make this world a better place, each and all who have the ability, should spend a bit of their time and resources for the sake of the greater good. These companies are leading that example, may many follow.