Meaningful Miles provides a platform for Business class air travelers to swap their Business seat for an Economy seat. The money saved on the air ticket is donated to a charity project of choice of the traveler. This can be one of the Meaningful Miles preselected projects, which can be found here. It can also be a charity project of the free choice of the traveler. Read here for more detailed information about the calculation system of the donation amount.

For sake of all clarity: Meaningful Miles does not interfere with any donation cash flow. The whole amount is transferred directly from donator to charity. 

The donating party -usually a company (i.e. the employer of the traveler)- will get brand exposure on our online media, plus is allowed to use the Meaningful Miles logo for PR/branding et cetera. As such, the Meaningful Miles charity fundraise program is not only an effective way to help make the world a better place, it is also an effective way to improve the public perception of your organization and increase brand value.

Meaningful Miles' only focus is fundraising for other charities. As such, we first of all hope to raise a lot of badly needed money for a variety of good charity projects. Secondly, we hope to be an inspiration, for people to do good things for the world if and when they can.   

Please click here for a further read into the rationale behind our work.