You as traveler who gives up on the Business class seat may decide which charity receives your donation. It can be any charity or project of your own choice. Do keep in mind however that there are certain fiscal implications with respect to donating to a non-registered charity or project. We will be happy to inform you more about the ins and outs.

We ourselves have a genuine interest in charity work, so we have an opinion on what can be good causes to support. Therefore here below we present a selection of charity projects in three categories that we believe are very important: Children, Animals, and Environment. Why? Because all too often, they are threatened by maltreatment, pollution, extinction, hunger, abuse, neglect, torture, forced labour …….. or sorry enough a combination of these. Therefore they need attention and protection. This is a matter of respect and sustainability, today and always!

Click on the icons below to read more about these inspiring charities. We are in close contact with all of them and can assure you that they are doing what they do with integrity and with a profound drive to make this world a better place!


On below map you will find the head office locations of the charities that we support. The actual fieldwork of these charities is not always done on the same location.