The Meaningful Miles donation program is open for all organizations and all people that buy and fly Business class airplane tickets. Sometimes people fly for their own account, and sometimes they fly for the account of an organization that purchases the ticket for them, usually a company. For either case, the donation method is same; The donator fills out the flight donation form, after which we will inform the charity of the traveller's choice of the upcoming flight donation. The payment details will be sent to the donator. Once the donation is made, the charity confirms.

That is how easy it is to make a large contribution for a better world! 

Considering that most donations come from corporate travellers, companies/organizations can become a Meaningful Miles Permanent Member. The flight donation action remains as described above, however what's more is free publication as a Permanent Member on our website and other media. Also, as a Permanent Member you can more actively market your participation, and promote the donation program among your employees. We can assist you by giving presentations and/or sending infomails to your employees. If you want to become a Permanent Member, please register your organization here.

Besides donations via our flight donation program, you can also make a one-off donation to one of our preselected charities, or a charity of your own choice.

Please note that always 100% of your donation is transferred directly from you to the charity itself. The donation does not flow via our bank account, and we do not get a cut out of it for organizational expenses or things like that. We hardly need any money, because we are fully volunteer run. The small expenses that we do have are borne by our founder. Further, for necessary services such as webhosting, accounting, media branding, promotion & marketing, we rely on the support of friends, family and sympathizers of our initiative.  

Below you will find the logos with weblink of those Meaningful Miles supporting organizations, as well as the Meaningful Miles Permanent Members. We and the charities thank them dearly for their support!