Meaningful Miles is a charity foundation that offers a unique fundraise program to make the world a better place. It is based and registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Meaningful Miles is managed on pro bono basis. We try to get as much of the support and resources that we need for free, and the remaining costs involved with running the charity and the fundraise platform are borne by our founder. All funds raised go directly from the donator to the charities, without our interference. We purely function as a fundraise platform and hopefully as inspiration, because at one point our founder Lodewijk Wesselink had the following realization.

The Meaningful Miles concept was first thought of in a Business class seat on a flight from London to Trinidad. Lodewijk realized that he appreciated the additional comfort, however he didn’t value it at €2500, approximately the extra cost that his employer was paying to have him fly Business class instead of Economy. He thought that if his employer was willing to spend this money on his comfortable seating, the company might also be willing to spend that money on a charity cause instead. Considering the general tendency nowadays to live and act more responsibly for a better world, combined with the large number of business travellers every day, this could potentially be a large and meaningful re-allocation of money, so he thought.

Meaningful Miles is a matter of the common sense, that a platform should exist where people can swap temporary personal comfort for a very significant and structural gesture of well doing, whenever they can and like. The Meaningful Miles program is here to create a better world, only by giving up a comfortable seat for a still very acceptable seat.

We hope to have you on board with this philosophy!